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Our Mission: To elevate the value of pharmacy within health care by providing effective pharmacy management and integrating pharmacy throughout our client organizations.

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IPS is unique in that we have experience across the board in pharmacy management, pharmacy accreditation pharmacy regulation, and auditing of both pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers. That breath of experience and knowledge is unmatched anywhere in the United States. We believe that the high quality of services that we provide to our clients is what make us different, since all of our proprietary programs were developed in house, and have been modified throughout the years based on experience. We also ensure that each one of our programs is individually designed to meet the needs of the client, whatever those needs are.


History of IPS
The story of Integrated Pharmacy Solutions began back in 1992, when we were named Pharmaceutical Strategies. As a pharmacy consulting group, our initial focus was on providing excellent advice to our clients on operational and regulatory issues.

In 1994, we started the Institute for Contemporary Pharmacy Research, a pharmacy data research and provider education company. As the ICPR, we penned 14 different disease management monographs and developed consensus based multidisciplinary pharmacy treatment algorithms. These algorithms helped to ensure that the diseases the patients had were being treated for was most beneficial for their specific condition.

In 1998, we changed the name from the Institute for Contemporary Pharmacy Research to Integrated Care Group. The purpose of this was to work more closely with area hospitals and health plans to further integrate pharmacy into their organizations. By doing this, we were able to decrease hospital pharmacy costs, while also increasing the level of patient care by having a consultant pharmacist on staff to aid in the development of drug treatment programs for the patients.

In 2000 we started the legislative division of Pharmaceutical Strategies as pharmaceutical industry content lobbyist in the New England region. We were able to give our clients the most up-to-date legislative and regulatory information, as well as being able to advise them on strategic ways in order to comply with new or existing regulations.

In 2001 we were invited to design and build a large PBM’s pharmacy claims audit program, which has grown into our largest single division to date. Today we have the capability to analyze and audit large sets of claims files at all levels in the pharmacy delivery process, as well as make recommendations to our clients. We have become experts at understanding, cutting, analyzing and recommending changes to pharmacy administrative programs. This program has been used by large and small PBM’s as well as individual companies and state organizations.

In 2005, we launched a staffing company called Pharmaceutical Strategies Staffing, which focused on providing quality staff to a variety of clients in the healthcare industry. We focused on ensuring that our candidates had the right background for the positions that our clients had openings for.
In 2007 we decided to sell off the staffing company and consolidate our consulting groups into what they are today; Integrated Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.

Motivated by our projects and changes in the health care industry allowed us to forge our current company mission and business focus. All of our projects have the attribute of helping to elevate pharmacy within the health care arena. We have grown and evolved with health care and are considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced pharmacy consulting organizations in the United States. Today we provide three core areas of expertise to a variety of clients: operational and contract pharmacy management, legislative and regulatory issues management, and pharmacy claims data analysis and auditing.

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